Looks like since he got his Calvin Klein underwear deal Justin Bieber can’t stop posing without his shirt on. The 21-year-old singer shows off his fit bod on the cover of April edition of Men’s Health‘s magazine.

In it he talks about being a changed man and how he wants to move away from his troubled past.

Last year Bieber was arrested for a number of incidents including driving under the influence, the police raided his home for drugs and there was so much negative stuff he was involved in. But this year he says, He’s done a full 180 from how he was.”

I hear his handlers have made him go on this good boy tour to redeem his image because he wants to break into Hollywood and no one wants to work with a troublemaker.

Well whether or not he’s telling the truth about being reformed, one thing is for sure, he looks good shirtless. See more shirtless pics of Bieber after the jump