LOL! Who sent Davido o!!!

The 22 year old pop star is currently in South Beach, Miami with his crew. While out there he decided to get a photo & video taken with a huge python around his neck.

Unfortunately for Davido the python which should have been asleep, woke up after he had been put around the OBO’s neck (maybe it was Davido’s huge gold chain that woke it up? lol ).

Davido didn’t form bad guy o! He started freaking out like crazy, calling out for the snake charmer and screaming, “Get this s**t off me, where the f**k is the guy?”

Check out the video after the jump

Lmao I was so scared!!!

A video posted by Davido Adeleke (@davidoofficial) on

It’s nice that Davido can laugh about it, he posted the video on his Instagram with the caption, “Lmao I was so scared!!!”

Word of advise: Davido leave these kind of things for oyinbo people. We Africans don’t play like that…lol