A few days ago there was some drama on Instagram between Ice Prince’s boo Maima Nkewa (on the left) and Davido’s ex Nish Kards (on the right).

Nish Kards is a Ghanaian video chick Davido was spotted getting all loved up with back in 2012, I heard they were a couple for like 5 minutes.

Anyways since Davido started parading his new chick Sira Kanté all over Instagram, some of Davido’s pressed fans started coming at Nish who I believe was minding her business and posting twerk/sexy photos & videos on her IG.

Then she announced that she had never nacked Davido or Wizkid!

Wait! Wizkid??? How did Wizkid’s name enter this matter? #sideeye

New Doc 1_5

Nish Kards wrote, “I never f**ked Davido, I never f**ked Wizkid, On my life, man, f**ks sake”

She was playing off Nicki Minaj’s song “Only” and replacing the names Drake & Lil Wayne with Davido & Wizkid.

nishkardsig_that1960chickcom nishkardsig_1_that1960chickcom


What followed was an Instagram user who came at her for denying she had a s*xual relationship with the O.B.O

Somehow along the line of them blasting each other, Ice Prince’s current boo who is also Ghanaian got dragged into the mess, and warned Nish Kards not to mention her name in her life, she also let it be known that she is not pregnant!



Na wa o! No chill…the way people air out their dirty laundry on social media these days…I can’t understand!



Image Credit: Instagram