One campaign tactic that seems to be reoccurring in recent times is the “bag of rice” campaign. Bags of rice are branded with the faces of political aspirants and their party logos. We saw this during the Ekiti state governorship elections last year when thousands waited in line to collect their APC/PDP branded bags of rice.


And just this morning pictures have emerged of Mama Peace & Former Lagos State First Lady, Remi Tinubu branded bags of rice. I don’t endorse this type of campaigning, cos it seems to me like the parties are buying votes. But can someone explain why there are Patience Jonathan branded bags of rice? Is she running for office as well? Hmmmm.


Even Stevie Wonder can see that this strategy works. But here’s my question to every adult of voting age?Would you sell your vote for a bag of rice? If not a bag of rice how much would it cost you to sell your vote?