Rob Kardashian is not down with his sister Kim Kardashian!

Just in case you haven’t heard already yesterday he posted a posting an image to his Instagram throwing major shade at her! The image of actress Rosemund Pike covered in blood was from the end of the movie Gone Girl. He shared it with the caption: “This is my sister kim, the bitch from Gone Girl…”

In the movie Gone Girl, Pike plays the character of Amazing Amy, who faked her own death, pinned it on her husband (Ben Affleck), brutally murders her ex-boyfriend by slitting his throat, and then claims she was the one victimized! She was the definition of psychotic byatch & Rob just compared his sister to her!

This has left many wondering what Kim could have done to Rob to make him lash out at her that way! Remember that Rob bailed on the lavish Venice nuptials of Kim & Kanye last year, calling it “superficial bulls**t”, he has also stopped appearing on the lucrative Keeping Up With The Kardashians and has virtually become a recluse since he became overweight a few years ago.

Kim did not reply him, instead she posted pics of North West & her daddy Kanye…

Spill all the gory Kardashian details Rob, I am here for this!

Image Credit: Getty