Davido & Tonto Dikeh have announced to their fans via Instagram that they are working on a new fitter lifestyle. This morning Davido shared a picture of him at the gym and his facial expression is priceless. the 22 year old is on Day 2 of a 90 Day fitness challenge and he’s going in!

Yesterday he shared a video of him on the treadmill flanked by his team.

Tonto Dikeh on her part shared a video of her doing some heavy rope training with her personal trainer Uzi Kwendu.

Watch the videos after the jump

DAY 1 of 90 !!! LETS GET IT!!! ???????????????? ROAD TO BADDEST ALBUM @CC @ashleyebong @abbricks

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Feed your soul, trust your vibes. Empower yourself, a strong mind is all well and good, but a strong mind and body is something amazing that many never achieve. Your life should be your main interest, your job is just your job. It is where you work, your life is where you live. Your health is more important than your bank balance. So next time you say you are going to start working out, eating right, or stop smoking, say exactly when. Don’t procrastinate, when you die your gravestone will not read “Here lies a great procrastinator”. People only really remember what you did. Someday or one day are as good as saying never. Be a great doer of things, not a great talker of gas. Removed from what you have been told, do you really know who you are? When you stand in front of the mirror naked, with no make up that is who you really are. Are you comfortable with yourself in all your glory? Clothes are all well and good but we were born naked, and that is who we really are. Designer clothes, shoes and jewellery is who we are really not. If you aren’t happy with what you see then try working out and eating right. Also remember that it’s Ok, when you look in the mirror and see no immediate change. Keep faith my friend, know that in time you will become comfortable with how you look. It starts with becoming master of yourself, physically and mentally. Stay focused when you are on the path. That’s the difference between those who succeed, in achieving a positive perception of themselves, getting fitter, stronger, healthier and those who do not. You haven’t started working out? Time to get on track Big up all those working hard to improve their quality of purpose. Love yourself and love others. #message from an extremely lazy gymer lol Cc @uzikwendu #good morning lovers

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Image Credit: Instagram