2Face Idibia & Tonto Dikeh Decry Poor Western Media Coverage of Kenya Terror Attack Which Killed 147 Students


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On Thursday April 2nd, Somali militants burst into Garissa University College in eastern Kenya and killed 147 students.

The small group of militants, moved from dorm room to dorm room, separating Christian from Muslim students and killed the Christians by shooting them in the head.



Some students who hid during the attack which went on for hours, report that the militants ordered their peers to call their parents on their cellphones to tell them that the attack was going on and while they had their parents were on the phone they shot them!

For some reason the attack in Kenya hasn’t received as much coverage from the west as the Charlie Hebdo attack in France. This has caused a major outcry from tonnes of Africans including 2Face Idibia and Tonto Dikeh. Both took their instagram pages to denounce the dismal coverage of the tragic event.

2baba & Tonto both took to Instagram to share their feelings, they posted a pic which said, “Why are so few talking about the Kenya Attack? Why doesn’t mass murder matter when it’s Africa”

My opinion: we can’t expect Western media to serve our interests, we need to do it ourselves. May the souls of the 147 students Rest in peace. Such a tragedy!

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3 Responses to “2Face Idibia & Tonto Dikeh Decry Poor Western Media Coverage of Kenya Terror Attack Which Killed 147 Students”

  1. OK April 4, 2015 at 21:41

    Sorry to say bra….but the west doesn’t owe you sh*t…where’s the AFrican outcry? where are all the nigerians that were forming “je suis charlie” when the FRance incident happended? Why arent they standing with Kenya? you have to look inward before you dare pont your fingers outward if….noboby can emancipate your but yorself….FRUCANS HAVE GOT TO TAKE THE FIRST STEP from

    • OK April 4, 2015 at 21:43

      *AFRICANS HAVE GOT TO TAKE THE FIRST STEPS…..we cant keep hoping on the west all the time….not especially when we claim they are racist!!

  2. Sisi_Nene April 9, 2015 at 01:00

    May they Rest In Perfect Peace…#can’t_control_the_tears

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