Yesterday (March 7) President elect Muhammadu Buhari came to Lagos, to help campaign for the APC Gubernatorial candidate Akinwunmi Ambode.

During the rally he addressed the Oba of Lagos’ remarks that all Igbos who don’t vote APC will die in 7 days and thrown in the lagoon. The Oba has been heavily criticised for his tribalistic comments, which could see Ambode lose the governorship race to his PDP opponent, Jim Agbaje.

Buhari pleaded with Igbos to forgive Oba Akiolu. He said,

I admire what your governor has done in terms of mobilising revenue to sustain Lagos development. I have a lot of respect for Governor Fashola for his hard work, commitment to the state and the country. There is no doubt that Lagos is a mini-Nigeria. We are all here and it has been mentioned by previous speakers that everybody (tribe) is adequately represented in Lagos.

So, I assure you. If you vote for the continuity of APC in Lagos, you stand to gain more. It is in your interest that you vote for the APC. Please when you go home tell your neighbours, relatives and even the opposition to please bury the hatchet. Let them fall in line and vote the APC

Former Governor Bola Tinubu has also dissociated himself from the Oba, saying he doesn’t speak on behalf of APC. While speaking to the press on Tuesday he said,

The Oba is not a politician. His job is to accommodate all political parties whether PDP, APC or SDP. So, what did he (Ubah) go and do at the palace? Is the Oba a politician?

To you Igbo, don’t we pay your children’s school fees like others? Or is it the palace that pays for it? When we conducted an exam and a spelling competition, an Igbo boy, Ebuka, from Anambra, came first and he became the governor for one day.

Those that won the competition three times in a row were Igbo. Ebuka was sent to Switzerland computer school and then Obafemi Awolowo University. We did not say he was an Igbo boy and he would not enjoy. He became an executive in Oando and he is now in Canada.

Another boy, Felix, won and went to Switzerland and OAU. We paid his scholarship; we did not deny him because he is Igbo.

PDP however is calling for the Oba’s suspension. I don’t think a monarch has ever been suspended before though…

In all this the Oba has not apologised for his statement so I don’t think it’s fair to ask the Igbo’s to forgive him. I do believe that the Igbo’s should ignore his comments, because one man doesn’t speak for all and ultimately we all want peace.