It’s only been two months since the hilarious photos of Zimbabwe’s lifelong President – Robert Mugabe falling down on his face went viral, and now we have another viral photo of the 91 year old dictator.

This time it’s a pic which was taken on his arrival in South Africa yesterday – and it appears that Mr. Mugabe is rocking a shoulder-length hairdo and wearing earrings!


The truth is Mugabe was photo bombed by the woman standing right behind him, and just like when he tripped in February, he just might suspend the poor woman.

You may recall that when the pictures of Mugabe tripping went viral, he ordered the suspension of the security guards on duty when the fall happened, he also “ordered the internet to delete the pictures

The old man forgot that the internet is not Zimbabwe! I fear that this time he may just order the internet to be be wiped out! LOL!

I’m waiting for the hilarious memes this pic will inspire…the internet is merciless!

Image by: Sizwe Ndingane