kunle Afolayan

Movie director Kunle Afolayan‘s tribalistic tweets labelling Igbos as the main proponents of movie piracy received major backlash, especially as his tweets came hot on the heels of the Oba of Lagos’ death threat to Igbo residents of the state. [READ HERE IF YOU MISSED IT]

He later deleted the tweets and unlike the Oba apologised for his insensitive comments.

However his tweets left a bad taste & reminded us all that even in 2015 tribalism is still prevalent in our society.

Yesterday he sat down for an exclusive chat with Entertainment Now to explain that his tweets were said out of bitterness that his movie October 1 was being pirated on a massive scale.

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What he said was totally wrong! But I feel the man’s pain. You invest your blood, sweat and life savings in something, only to have someone else profit of it…I would be pained too!