Remember the confusing Instagram posts this morning between P-Square’s Peter Okoye & his wifey, Lola Omotayo? Peter posted a pic that he captioned “Now Single & Searching”, while Lola also put up a post of hot actor, Boris Kodjoe. Read HERE if you missed it.

The posts got a lot of people talking! From comments on the couple’s respective social media handles to the blogs, everyone was wondering if all was well in the Omotayo-Okoye household.

Well it is!

A few minutes ago, Lola posted a meme which read, “KEEP CALM & LAUGH LIKE CRAZY”, she shared it with the caption, “Hahahahaa…..joke’s on you! Enemies of progress….you wish! #tongueout#enemysolo #solidasarock!”

So the joke is on the public…although why anyone would choose to joke with something so sensitive is beyond me!