After what President elect Muhammadu Buhari said yesterday about the abducted Chibok school girls, I wonder if we’ll ever find these girls?!!

A year on and still not a trace of them…nearly 300 girls gone…just like that…poof…like they never existed, in this age of Jimi Agbaje drones that could pick them out easily wherever they are.

All their loved ones are left with are empty promises and broken hearts, while the rest of us march and hashtag in their honour. There are some exceptional ones who have been a daily reminder of the missing girls, when the rest of the world forgot, like the lady in the picture above Bukky Shonibare, who has marked every single day the girls have been missing, holding up a placard reminding us how long the girls have been abducted for…she has done this EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

God be with them wherever they are. We still hope and pray for a miracle.

– Teefah xx

Image Credit: Twitter | Bukky Shonibare