We’ve all heard about the massive rigging that took place in some states at the just concluded Governorship & State House of Assembly elections in Nigeria. We’ve heard about incidents of snatched ballot boxes and underage voters and now we video evidence.

An unidentified INEC official was caught on camera thumb printing ballot papers, during Saturday’s April 11 elections.

According to an eyewitness, who posted the video, this incident took place at Aniocha North, Onicha Olona, Ward4, where accreditation took place between 9.30am & 2.50pm. The informant goes on to say the area witnessed a very low voter turn out.

Below is a report on number of accredited voters for all the polling units in the area after accreditation ended.

Iyi-Ogbe Primary Sch, Oni cha Olona, Aniocha North, Ward 4;
PU1, 1,026 Registered voters, Accredited Voters; 124.
PU2. Registered Voters; 1,141. Accredited voters; 115
PU3. *****
PU4. Registered Voters; 1535, Accredited Voters; 92Ugba Pri School, Onicha Olona, ward 4, Aniocha North;
PU5; Reg. Voters; 1,029, Accredited Voters; 230.
PU6; 1,062 Registered Voters, Accredited Voters; 156.
PU 7; 949 Registered Voters, Accredited Voters; 142.
PU 8; 656 Registered Voters, Accredited Voters; 75.

The informant also goes on to say, voting commenced at exactly 3pm, & ended at about 4.30pm in all the eight polling Units. After which voters dispersed almost in a uniformed pattern. It was after this that an alleged seating member of the Delta State House of Assembly (I have left out his name), drove in with armed policemen, had a meeting with all the INEC adhoc staff in each of the polling units, as well as party agents on ground.

It is alleged that he gave the INEC officials money, & instructed them to thumb print the remaining empty ballot papers in favor of his party’s State House of Assembly candidate.
It is alleged that under his alleged supervision, the INEC Adhoc staff allegedly started to illegally thumb print the ballot papers & stuff the ballot boxes. The informant was able to secretly record one of the INEC officials thumb printing the ballot papers. See the video below

As at yesterday, 13th of April 2015, the Returning Officer for this LGA, whose name & phone number was also sent to us, has disappeared & cannot be found or reached by people of this Local Government.
It is being reported that the INEC Situation room in Abuja has seen this video & cancellation the elections in that LGA