Music star Burna Boy wants you to he’s officially not on the same level as y’all.

Yesterday he became the first  contemporary Nigerian music act to sign to Island Universal Records, with an exclusive songwriter contract with Universal Music Publishing Group.

The artiste posted a pic of his contract on social media to announce the good news.


Under an exclusive music songwriter agreement, a music artiste agrees to assign all compositions written during a specified term with the guarantee of a share of the income generated from the song. This means Burna will receive an advance which will be recouped off future royalties generated from the songs he will write during the period of his contract. The advance will later be deducted from any income that is generated by Burna from record sales or any other way his music is used in any other source of income (i.e. adverts) that the publisher controls.

One of the benefits an exclusive relationship with a music publisher is that the writer is guaranteed a steady income.

So this is definitely a sweet deal! Congrats to Burna Boy!

Additional Info via Industry Notes