The nanny who kidnapped the Orekoya boys is pleading for forgiveness now that she has been caught! She blames her evil ways on her husband with claims that she is a victim of a bad marriage. She is now offering advice to parents to be careful about the men they let their daughters marry.

She begged forgiveness from the parents of the Orekoya boys, saying

Mummy Damola, don’t be offended at what I have done. This is what bad marriage did to me. I only delivered the message of my husband.

Yesterday the nanny who claims she is 23, but looks closer to 43, confessed to kidnapping the three boys from their parents home in the Surulere area of Lagos State, she disclosed that her husband, brother-in-law, his wife, her own four children and mother-in-law pushed her to kidnap the boys.

Is this woman for real?!

And guess what? Apparently this isn’t her first time abducting young children, her & her cohorts have a kidnapping ring going on, last year she was behind the kidnap of two children in the Magodo area of Lagos.

(Watch her confession video after the jump)

The nanny originally gave her name as: Mary Akinloye, but her real name is FUNMILAYO KAREEM