Ebola American Doctor

I read this news report and thought it was a post Ebola prank but it’s sadly it’s not.

According to verified reports there is an unknown disease ravaging the Ode-Irele community of Ondo state, for now the strange disease is being called “Ondo X” and here are a few facts we know about the disease:

  • It started 4 days ago
  • It has killed 28 people so far
  • The symptoms are not similar to Ebola symptoms
  • Preliminary reports from victims revealed neurologic clinical symptoms: Headache, Blurry Vision/Total Blindness, Convulsion and Death
  • The cause is unknown
  • It kills victims within 24 hours

The State Health Commissioner, Dayo Adeyanju during a press briefing in the state capital assures people it’s not Ebola, “as it does not manifest any of its symptoms, but attacks the central nervous system of the victims”.

Samples from dead victims have been sent to Lagos for laboratory analysis.

Residents in the area believe the strange ailment is spiritual. One said, “Community leaders said some people broke into a shrine, and the god became angry with them, striking all those people who have hands in the act,”

According to Ebola Alert, the disease is under control and being investigated. For now we all need to be on high alert – do not handle dead bodies, wash hands thoroughly, was food thoroughly before preparation.

Image Credit: AP/Samaritan’s Purse