17 year old Kylie Jenner seems to be transforming into her older sister Kim Kardashian with each passing day. In recent weeks, Kylie who had a pancake azz as recently as February is now sporting a much larger booty and who can forget her oversized lips?!

Yesterday Kylie who I repeat is still 17, took to Instagram to show off her new body in some raunchy bikini shots that have shocked everyone.

In the first picture she puts he bigger backside on display in a skimpy bikini that did litte to cover her butt and in another pic posted moments later, she shows off same bikini, but this time the front view in a mirror selfie.

Where are her parents?! I don’t see how it’s okay for a 17 year old to act like this?! But I guess she’s just following the Kardashian tried & tested path to success…plastic surgery and show off your body parts as much as you can to get people talking.

Image Credit: Instagram/Kylie Jenner