So remember Thursday’s Givenchy bag drama involving Tonto Dikeh & a personal shopper Pearl Chuks who put her on blast for allegedly owing her N192,000?! READ HERE IF YOU MISSED IT

Well now you won’t believe what Tonto Dikeh did?  She burnt the bag the fake Givenchy bags (that she still did not pay for) and sent the video to Pearl through whatsapp. In the video you can hear Tonto saying, “burn the b**ch down to the ground” 

I find this disturbing! Like she’s taunting her and for me that’s just not cool…Tonto.

Watch the video & see what Pearl wafter the jump

A video posted by Pearl Chuks (@pumpsberry) on

A video posted by Pearl Chuks (@pumpsberry) on

When she posted the video Pearl wrote

Hi ladies & gents, to conclude this matter with @tontolet,I told her to keep the things because clearly she already used it you can see by the rollers of the luggage, @iamdencia said she will pay for it. I wanted to thanks Everyone who believed me & everyone who didn’t, putting this out was just to help someone who was being bullied by someone because they thought they are bigger & had a platform. She decided to burn the things because she couldn’t return them used and she recorded this video and sent to me.I appreciate all of you who offered to pay for it but I can’t make you all pay for her mistakes.The person burning them is her assistant peter who went to cash the cheque that bounced & he was also the one who picked up the goods by a church in Lekki when Tontoh ordered them,she never gave an address (that’s how you know they won’t pay you) that’s why I couldn’t pickup the things because she never gave a home address and she never responded calls or messages.i want to officially end this mess, when you are dealing with crazy people (you can tell by the pain in her voice on this video masked by laughs) you have to let their evil and nativity go. @tontolet I hope you also burnt all the clothes and shoes you already own because they are all replicas There is a God & I am proud of myself I didn’t let you bully or threaten me do not ever think because you are a celebrity it makes you invisible.Big thank you to all the real celebrities who supported with with text messages you all are far too kind. If burning the things she didn’t pay for knowing she needs it make her feel like a better person I am glad I helped her feel better about herself & she didn’t pay for it

She also added,

Lol at are you snapping it @tontolet its are you taking pictures of it.I am sure you have heard of karma.i hope young women in the society learn not to make these so called celebrities their role models because in the real world they aren’t ,a lot of you asked me to take her to court and I am like if someone can’t pay 192k why will I waste more money in court or with the police on this person?Someone who gets something from you,picks it up from the corner of a church,gives a fake cheque to her own employee to cash and then tell me to show proof knowing what she did has to be mentally unstable,I took out time to read up on her I found on Linda ikeji’s blog that she was depressed and suicidal so I let go because I now understand are actions aren’t what normal people do,some of you said I should have waited longer,in business you don’t let people keep your money because you take money and flip it for more money.i have learnt a tough lesson and she can lie all she wants I am still going to continue to be successful in my business and I am blessed because I have bigger things ahead.

After Pearl shared the video on her Instagram page, Tonto wrote

I definitely Outran my day???? Good night babies ???????? #PRAY ???????? #BurntOffering????

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