Last month Jay Z and a bunch of other celebrity musicians such as Beyonce, Madonna, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Kanye West, J. Cole and a few others recently launched a music streaming service called Tidal. Since it’s launch Tidal has faced heavy criticism with reports that even Kanye has jumped ship.

But today the business mogul who hardly ever tweets got on Twitter to clear the air about Tidal and other competing music streaming services and in his tweets he confirmed that Tidal is making a move to sign Nigerian artistes.

He wrote,

My cousin just moved to Nigeria to discover new talent. Tidal is a global company.

You may be wondering who his cousin is, well has the exclusive scoop on Jay’s cousin and why exactly he is in Nigeria. Read more after the jump


Briant “Bee High” Biggs

Jay Z’s cousin’s name is Briant “Bee-High” Biggs, he is the Director of Mobile Strategies at Roc Nation and is VERY close to Jay Z, they grew up together and have remained close through the years. Over the years Biggs has been in Nigeria to explore opportunities here and set up Roc Nation West Africa…yes you heard it here first!


Roc Nation W.A. will have it’s head quarters here in Lagos.

And they will be signing some of Nigeria’s hottest talents. Remember the exclusive report we gave you about Ice Prince’s D’usse endorsement deal? (READ HERE IF YOU MISSED IT), D’usse is Jay Z’s cognac company – the endorsement deal was put together by Roc Nation. The Roc Nation West Africa deal is one of the reason’s Ice Prince was recently in New York where he met Jay Z and appeared on the Breakfast Club.

Remember where you read it first!