If you’ve ever wondered where the incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan will retire to once his time as president is up on May 29th…it’s him hometown of Otueke, a small island in Bayelsa State, where he has built for himself and his family a sprawling estate consisting of several mansion.

According to Punch, who visited the estate, soldiers and members of other security agencies, walk the estate grounds, which currently holds eight different structures.

According to the report GEJ started acquiring properties adjacent to his sprawling country home in late 2013. He reportedly acquired properties on an area which runs to about seven acres of land around his mansion, He paid off the people who lived there previously handsomely so he could expand the estate.


Image Credit: Simon Utebor


It is also being reported that after acquiring the land around his property, he hired a construction company called, Jiito Construction to complete his sprawling estate. The Jonathan’s mansions in the estates which had been undergoing construction and reconstruction in the last 10 years are now ready to be inhabited.

According to  a source activities at the estate were at a lull until a couple of weeks ago. Which is why many have presumed it now needs to be quickly finished for GEJ to move into come May 29.

A security operative at the property said,

I can tell you that the houses are ready. Everything is in order. It remains only one building where the contractors are putting window blinds, curtains and air conditioners. I overheard some of the workers saying that they had been instructed to finish the last building before the second week of May. I think it is because the President is returning home. As of now, no domestic staff or relatives are living here. All his relatives have their homes. It is only military men and policemen that are living in some of the buildings. Even at that, many buildings are left unoccupied because the buildings are so massive and it will take a community to occupy them.

GEJ also own a mansion in Yenagoa the capital of Bayelsa, which he built while he was Deputy Governor of Bayelsa.