Nothing like a sexy strip tease to send off a dead relative into the after life. While in Nigeria (and most parts of the world) prayers are used to send off a deceased person to meet his or her maker, in China forget the prayers for the dead, it’s all about strippers for the dead!

Exotic dancers are part of the ceremony to honor those who have passed away in China, a sexy lap dance and strip tease next to a coffin is believed to result in good fortune for the dead person in the after life. Lured by the promise to see sexy, nekkid girls more people tend to attend funerals and according to some Chinese beliefs the more people attend a funeral, the more the deceased will be respected in the after life.

However the Chinese government has been trying to clamp down on this practise because children are usually present at the funerals.

Na wa o! What won’t we see in this world!

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