Once upon a time, not too long ago, a few people connected with the outgoing president Goodluck Jonathan had business cards with their job title as “Friend of The President”

But I suspect that would not be happening in Muhammadu Buhari‘s administration, especially after the former General read his family the riot act! He warned them that he would not spare any of them from the hands of the law if they engage in corrupt or any law breaking practices.

The President Elect made the stern warning over the weekend, while addressing members of the family, including his children and extended family members at his Daura – Katsina State country home.

And he did not stop there, he also warned his family members NOT to accompany him to Abuja without a formal invitation. In other words, if the General doesn’t think you are needed to help move the country forward, sit your azz in Daura!

He said only family members who are ready to work will be allowed to accompany him to the Presidential villa in Abuja come May 29th, adding “Aso Villa is meant for those who are ready to work, not idle family members.”

This is why I love this man! I hope he does not disappoint!