We woke up this morning to the news that President Elect – General Muhammadu Buhari had barred from covering his activities until further notice. The official reason given was “adverse security reports and ethical issues”.

The incident occurred when Members of AIT’s crew, were at The Defence House in Abuja, covering a meeting between the President-elect and a visiting Cuban delegation, they were then asked to leave the vicinity until further notice.

It is totally understandable why the president elect is aggrieved with AIT which is owned by Raymond Dokpesi, the Pro GEJ TV station did all it could to smear Buhari and his family’s name during the presidential campaign. Even airing a hateful documentary in January called “The Real Buhari”, which was all “about all the wickedness and atrocities committed by Buhari when he was the military ruler”. The documentary also smeared other key members of APC.

In spite of all AIT’s attempts to take down Buhari, Nigerians defeated AIT & GEJ with the power of their vote.

During the elections PDP tirelessly campaigned that GMB’s track record as a military ruler showed he was anti freedom of the press.

This move by the president elect does little to dispel those feelings.

During the 2008 US presidential elections, Fox New slandered Obama on a daily basis. They said he wasn’t American, called him a monkey, said his birth certificate was forged among other unsavoury and untrue allegations. But Obama went on to become president, even winning a second term and not once did he bar the news network.

I love GMB to no end and believe he is the change Nigeria needs, however I believe GMB was ill advised on the move to bar AIT from covering his activities. Why doesn’t the president elect take AIT to court and force them to publicly apologize for their slanderous allegations rather than an outright ban?