With just a few hours before she was scheduled to hit the stage for her first concert in Lagos, Lauryn Hill has just released as statement saying she will not be performing or attending today’s show. 

The Grammy award winner was due to headline at tonight’s “May Day Live” concert at the Eko Hotel Lagos. The event has been heavily promoted for weeks! But it seems the event organizers f’d L Boogie up big time even leaving her stranded at the airport in the U.S. while she waited for a flight to take her to Nigeria.

Ms. Hill took to her website less than an hour ago, to make the announcement regarding her scheduled performance in Lagos.

Read what she wrote after the jump 

Hello Lagos, Nigeria! We are disappointed to report that we will not be performing at tonight’s concert. From our end, we did everything we were supposed to do, including waiting at the airport for many hours, ready to fly out and share the evening with you. Unfortunately, after much effort, the promoter was not able to get all of our travel arrangements taken care of. This prevented us from being able to fly into Nigeria in time to make the concert. We were all very excited to come, and very disappointed that we couldn’t make this one. HOWEVER, we are working to reschedule our appearance ASAP. From what we’ve been told, the promoter intends to honor all tickets sold. Our best to and for Lagos. Love and Blessings!

That’s a shame! These concert promoters continue to give Nigeria a bad name! How do you expect someone of Lauryn Hill’s standing to perform at a concert without making adequate travel arrangements?!<