Social critic Etcetera is back again to ruffle feathers. This time he’s taking aim at Burna Boy. The dancehall act recently announced that he had signed a publishing deal with Universal Music South Africa. [READ HERE IF YOU MISSED IT

Well…Etcetera doesn’t believe him. The critic who has taken shots at everyone from Tiwa Savage to Muhammadu Buhari says Burna is lying. 

In a recent blog post where he calls out Nigerian artistes as liars, he had this to say about Burna Boy’s deal with Universal,

Why are we acting as if we don’t know that Burna’s songs won’t find many readily available patronisers outside the shores of Nigeria? If they do, they can only be appreciated by only a few Nigerians. Even in cases where there is a proven audience for a particular artiste’s work, it is not enough to make it a big deal to corner a deal. As a musician reading this article, would you approach Burna Boy to write you a song? Judging by what you’ve heard from him so far! If you can’t, why would a foreign company with a long list of songwriters employ him as a songwriter?
How many people have his album in their homes? The pink and brown contract sneaked up on us on instagram could have been printed at Oluwole. Until Universal Music Group authenticates these claims, everything Burna has said could not be true. It is a shame that Nigerian journalists will never see it necessary to investigate any issue before plastering it all over their platforms. 

He went on to add, 

The first thing I checked was if Universal Music Group issued any statement to that effect. I wasn’t surprised that the story could only be found only in the world. You employ a songwriter who is like a talent magnet; a record maker. Someone who brings forth the talent in the singer. Someone whose role is to write songs that define the artistes and give them a reason for existence and you keep that under the carpet? It doesn’t make any sense. The truth is, there’s no song of Burna that suggests he is anywhere close to being the kind of songwriter we are talking about here. This guy sounds like he doesn’t want anyone to pick out his lines.

Wow!!! He went in! Burna Boy has not responded to Etcetera’s accusations.