He was once a poor teenager who fought for 150 pesos ($3) in his first fight but last night at the epic boxing bout against Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao made history wearing the most expensive sports shorts in the world.

The Pride of the Phillipines had $2.25 million worth of sponsorship on the shorts he wore for the epic fight.

The six brands that got face time on his yellow shorts are: Phoenix Petroleum, Cafe Puro, Air Asia, Smart, Motolite, LBC Express (a Filipino cargo and courier company) and Nike! While Mayweather who has never sold rights on his trunks before had only two brands  – Hublot & Fan Duel (an online one-day fantasy league organiser).


According to publicist Fred Sternburg, the reason why Pacman is more attractive to brands than Mayweather is because,

He’s the total package as they say for a sponsor’s standpoint and endorsements. He’s a wonderful athlete. He’s a winner. He’s a great humanitarian. When you look for a sponsorship with any kind of athlete, you want someone you would want to be associated with like somebody your family wouldn’t be ashamed of being with. Who can be ashamed of being associated with someone like Manny Pacquiao

Whereas Mayweather isn’t so attractive to brands because of his criminal record.

So even though Pacman lost last night, with $2.5 Mill just on his yellow shorts and an additional $100 million for just one night! I can’t feel sorry for him for losing no matter how likeable he is.

Image Credit: Reuters, Getty