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A little over a week ago I got this brand new Tecno Mobile phone. It’s the BOOM J7 phone, specifically designed as a music phone.

Let me start by saying forget every pre conceived notion you have about the Tecno phone…The first thing that caught my attention when I unboxed the package as the sleek and sexy design of the J7.

The box comes with earphones, which I compared with my Apple earphones and the sound output is better. It also came with two phone cases perfect for people like me whose phones always drop on the floor! Charger, USB Cord, 2020mAh Battery and a 13 months warranty card!

This is my first experience with using an Android device (yep serial iPhone user here!) and when I turned on the phone I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to set up, so with everything set up it was time to take this baby for a spin!

Getting used to the menu interface was a bit of a challenge for me, because I am so used to that of my iPhone but that’s the only challenge I have faced with this phone and it’s so minor it doesn’t bother me at all.


The website loaded really fast and looks good on the J7

Here are some of the features I am loving so far:

  • It feels great to hold. Very lightweight and firm.
  • The Boom J7 brings your music to life with it’s double audio amplifiers and noise cancellation earphones.
  • With an 8MP on the back camera and 2MP on the back, my selfie game is about to get a major high definition boost.
  • The Boom Player, which gives you, access to library of over 2000 songs, all-free to download.
  • Dual SIM – With the unreliability of mobile networks in Nigeria, the dual sim feature on this phone is a very attractive one.
  • The price – this Boom J7 is super affordable at only N24,000 for all the features you are getting this is more than a bargain! Get it here:

Here’s what some music artistes think about the Tecno Boom J7

Unboxing the Tecno J7

So far I am loving this phone. If music is your thing this is the phone for you. #ItsBoomTime