You might not know but Chidinma started singing in the church. Recently the 24 year old who has been active in the music industry for about 5 years, spoke about artistes who started in church and have now transitioned into secular music.
She had this to say about going from church to the world of glitz, glam & the bright lights,
I won’t condemn anyone that moved from gospel into secular. You don’t know the kind of relationship the person has with God. Before I started, I spoke to my pastor. We had a chat and I told him I am not doing gospel. My song is for everyone, not just the church folks. Everyone knew what I was doing from the start. My pastor said if that is what I want; it’s fine as long as ‘you and God are on the same page.

Back in 2013 Chidinma had to shut down reports that her church, Foursquare Gospel Church was having problems with her because of the way she had to dress as a pop star, which apparently conflicted with the strict dressing of members and workers of the church.
Image Credit: Instagram