Yesterday Mail Online ran a story about how wealthy Nigerians throw million pound weddings in London.

The story based on a documentary which aired last night on UK’s Channel 5 called “Eamonn & Ruth: How The Other Half Lives” featured Elohor Aisien (the lady that planned Tiwa Savage’s Dubai Wedding) and Betty Irabor (Genevieve Magazine publisher) and both women disclosed that Nigeria’s super rich spend £100,000 on a designer wedding dress, £150,000 on alcohol, £475,000 on jewellery.


With Elohor Aisien saying

It is not unusual to spend a million. One of the weddings I planned spent £50,000 just on flowers. It’s a competition, people want something like “wow, she arrived by plane”. The bride wants to look good and wear the best of everything. The other women want to make a statement, “I wore this diamond, my diamond is bigger than yours.

On the exorbitant champagne bill, Aisien said

They will spend the most money on Champagne as you have two to three thousand guests at a traditional Nigerian wedding and they will get a bottle of Champagne each.

The article generated nearly 400 comments from Daily Mail’s British readers who could not believe Africans had that much money and then went into a frenzy about how they (UK) give “financial aid and doantions” to Nigeria and Nigerians are having million pound weddings. Like it’s everyday there is a million pound wedding or everybride wears a £100,000 custom Vera Wang gown!

See some of their comments below

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