These married men will never learn! How can you post a pic with your married man calling him bae?

That’s exactly what happened a few weeks ago when a Nigerian Instagram user @barbie_davina posted a coupled up car selfie with her boo…identified as Ifeabunike Nwolisa (a Freight forwarder)

The only problem? Her boo probably has a boo…a main boo…a wife! 

A few weeks ago the girl in the picture posted the above picture with the caption,

Chilling with bae

And what did bae do? He asked her to take the picture down.

Going through her Instagram page and you can see the young lady has a lot to pictures of the alleged married man on her page. And under each pic you can see him begging her to delete his pictures.

A visit to his page shows pictures with his daughter.

SMH…the bae struggle is real