These days a lot of American chicks, video models and D list celebs come to Nigeria regularly to “hang out”, many people say they come to do runz aka prostitution on a higher level and from the looks of things a lot of them do.

Well star of Olu Maintain‘s Nawti video and star of reality show – Bad Girls Club – Natalie Nunn wants you to know she doesn’t come to Nigeria to be a hoe!

She went on a Twitter rant a few hours ago to make her position known.

See her tweets after the jump

NatalieNunn_5 NatalieNunn_4 NatalieNunn_3 NatalieNunn_2 NatalieNunn_1 NatalieNunn

LOL! She’s talking a whole lot for someone who isn’t doing anything…but let me continue sipping my hot Lipton tea