Beat FM OAP, Gbemi Olateru Olagbegi is being slammed by the Olumofin brothers because she subbed them, calling them out as party crashers.

Lol…welcome to January the month of celebrity feuds! 

It all started when she tweeted that some two brothers were trying to hustle invites to Toolz & Tunde’s wedding this weekend.


The brothers  Joro and Dokun Olumofin must have caught their shade even though she never mentioned their named, because they are seriously blasting her on Instagram, they even started a hashtag to find her a bae….This is ridiculous. See their posts after the jump.


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Gbemi Olateru Olagbeji @gbemioo @gbemioo @gbemioo @gbemioo @gbemioo read this write up, know that you drew first blood and called us out via Innuendo on Twitter. A well drafted innuendo can easily be identified by smart characters. I woke up to about 100 missed calls, DMs, Whatsapp messages, Facebook etc. If I mention a butt ugly Owo Princess from Akoko, Ondo State who sells China shoes, OAP Personality who cannot keep her mouth shut and has a brother that is dating an artist then everyone would know it is you. You went further to respond to someone who called my brother a quack psychologist so here is my response for you. gbemi, i know you will play the guilty conscience game with me, but you stepped on my our toes by responding to someone about Joro olumofin being a quack psychologist. Shout Out to the @Gbemi O a Butt Ugly shrek of an OAP and oh I almost forgot Owo Princess that has automatically become the Spokes Person and Gate Man or Gate Woman for Lagos Brides and Grooms. Choose a struggle ? A gate woman for Brides and Grooms or A Frustrated OAP? I am tired of these very ordinary and basic Lagos girls running their mouths, Opening fake pages to run me down and tweeting rubbish. I crash babes DMs… So fuck what ? No man under the Sun including international celebs will deny sending DMs. It is so common that a popular artist sang about it…”it goes down in the DM” It’s Pathetic, ludicrous and unwarranted that some blogs go as far as posting trashy comments to bring me down. Well, Let it be known, I AM HERE TO STAY, so no amount of Grand standing, Filibuster, Playing to the Gallery, Celebrity Tweets, Back stabbing, Name calling, fake page opening, shades and fictitious allegations will make me change my Life Style. I will not stop..I’m just getting started. Cc @officiallindaikeji @officiallindaikeji @officiallindaikeji @bellanaijaweddings @bellanaijaweddings @bellanaijaonline @bellanaijastyle @instablog9ja @instablog9ja @instablog9ja @instablog9ja @instablog9ja kindly help tag everyone including @gbemioo Part 1.

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@gbemioo @gbemioo @gbemioo @gbemioo we are not Intimidated by Basic girls like you and I do not and would never shrink to fit into tiny boxes that your superficial Mentality has created for ppl. Even If i were in my dying day, u won’t even be amongst the choice of girls one wld have a second look at. It is sad that you are Single, Searching, bitter and dissatisfied with your life so much that you have to find someone to pick on to make yourself feel better. I don’t know this girl called Gbemi? My loyalist and friends had to tell me who you are. Such an Irritant. Why is she all up in my space? FYI, rather than the rubbish talks with valuable time, get a life decent enough to attract a decent man instead of using Vibrators and Dildos that ain’t the real P. Clearly you suffer from various issues such as Sex Starved Syndrome, Monkeynization, Inferiority Complex, ‘Roman Imperialism’ with a tint of Fake Superior Complex just to name a few and its eating you up so much that you can’t stand to see people shine. Cc @bellanaijaweddings @bellanaijaweddings @bellanaijaonline @bellanaijaonline @bellanaijaonline @lindaikeji @officiallindaikeji @bellanaijastyle @instablog9ja @instablog9ja @instablog9ja @instablog9ja @instablog9ja @instablog9ja Part 3 cc @joroolumofin @joroolumofin

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@gbemioo @gbemioo @gbemioo @lindaikeji @officiallindaikeji @instablog9ja @bellanaijaweddings @bellanaijaonline @bellanaijastyle going into how I know Tunde Demuren, I met him at my secondary school in 1996 do the maths. He was and still is my close friend, We use to party together etc. Demus which I fondly call him reached out to me via email to come for his wedding and we chatted on bbm. Munches will be posted later. I paid 50k of my own money for Aso Ebi. I ain’t asking u for money,am I? So how and why is this eating you up in every inch of your body? I don’t know what concerns you with my social life? Calling me Wedding crasher ? ???If I crashed events, did the Groom or the bride that I crashed complain? There are a series of Popular Lagos boys and girls including the celebrities that you suck up 2 crash all sorts of events but you decide to pock on me..I didn’t know you automatically became a spokeswoman for Lagos brides? Maybe if you attended some weddings, your lonely ass won’t be so lonely and you won’t have time to try and trash talk people. GbemiO, “Now a spokes woman, never a bride”. #SeizeBae2016 # SeizeBaeByForcebyFire2016 #joroolumofin As much as I tell Part 3 cc @joroolumofin

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PART 4 pokes woman, never a bride”. #SeizeBae2016 # SeizeBaeByForcebyFire2016 #lindaikeji As much as I tell women to not rush into marriage but to develop and empower themselves first, your situation is just sad as fuck! I am a big fan of single independent women and I never Judge them but I always tell them marriage is not for every body based on the number divorce cases we read about it. But when a dilapidated woman like Gbemi runs her mouth we need to respond her. Sadly for you I am not a Nonentity you can push over with your Omoba (Royalty) Claptrap. I am the Grandson of the Most Prominent Ondo State Politician of his time, Frontline Politician Education Minister in the First Republic alongside RA Fani – Kayode Aka Fani Power, TOS Benson, Festus Okotie Eboh, Alfred Rewane, Anthony Enahoro, SL Akintola, Oba Akran, Kola Balogun just to mention but a few, and Great Grand Son of the Otun Egba of Abeokuta. Chief Majekodunmi whom we all know was richer than most of the Kings and Men of his ilk till date. I am happy to be born into such families that are Educated, Royal, Noble and take Christianity very seriously. Moreover, I’m a grown man that fends for myself and has made more money than your account has ever seen. I made my 1st $500,000 at age 23 through legitimate Oil & gas NNPC business (before your disgruntled sad and fast mouth calls me a yahoo boy)so let your china shoe selling ass think of how to beat that instead of talking trash! Social climbing? What height r you on socially or any other way that I would be interested in climbing? @gbemioo @gbemioo @gbemioo @gbemioo @instablog9ja @instablog9ja @instablog9ja @officiallindaikeji @officiallindaikeji @lindaikeji @bellanaijaweddings @bellanaijaonline @bellanaijastyle

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@bellanaijaweddings @bellanaijaonline @bellanaijastyle @officiallindaikeji @instablog9ja @joroolumofin @gbemioo @gbemioo sadly u are also from Ondo State and its a damn shame someone from my state has such a lousy tongue and is a no-gooder who would rather spend valuable time trash talking and looking for people to pick on while seeking relevance. I have valuable Information about your Job trash talking People including your close friends. Well, guess what? I’m the wrong match! Instead of you to mind your Low Salary Paying OAP Job and find a man that will take good care of you or like some basic girls claim”empower your frustrated self” you seat down and gossip and trash talk on Twitter about people that do not even know you or even think about you. I will not give you the satisfaction by responding to you after this because I know you are single to Manchester and back to Lagos , you need some good D. and you only wanted to rant because of your frustrations! Gbemi you remind me of the character Shrek in the Cartoon and I also hear you have what the dentist calls ‘halitosis’ its so bad that a buddy said he can’t kiss Ondo women just because he smelt ur breath?( I had to stop him that just Gbemi not all Ondo Women) so I guess no prince to kiss you and change you from The shrek that you are. Funny enough you also remind me of Lady Jane Grey, known for her unique ugliness (Google her because obviously youve never heard of her) People like you irk me. They run with dogs at day and dine with cats at night. Which makes them in Part 5

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Part 6 @gbemioo @gbemioo @officiallindaikeji @lindaikeji @instablog9ja @instablog9ja @bellanaijaweddings @bellanaijaonline @bellanaijastyle They run with dogs at day and dine with cats at night. Which makes them duplicitous in character. The Problem with our Generation is that some of these OAPs and self proclaimed ‘celebrities’ (because you are NO CELEB) use their voice and large followers to rant and talk rubbish. They also believe in their mind that they cannot be touched and people like us don’t get pushed over. NEVER EVER, ask about me, I become a mental case when I’m pushed to the wall. I am not even upset at all, my skin is too thick for women like you. It’s only in Nigeria that radio babes have more respect than women in other hard working professions. Since you drew blood and you want an open battle, bring it on! I am waiting for you Gbemi to say all that trash to my face at Tundes wedding since you the Chief Defender to all the Brides in Nigeria always has a lot to say. To my humble followers I was minding my business when this retard Gbemi called me and my brother out. Thank you Enroute your Office so you can tell me how Pathetic I am face to face. Cc @joroolumofin

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Can’t we all just get along…lol…the drama is sweet though!