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On Saturday March 13, all roads led to Benin City, Edo State as the new Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi tied the knot with Benin native Wuraola Otiti.

In a recent interview with City people, the Oba’s sister –Princess Adesola Olojede, revealed that the oracle picked Wuraola to be the wife of Oba Ogunwusi, in addition to that she revealed the Oba and his bride hadn’t dated for long.

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It obvious that Kabiyesi would have met her a long time but he just decides to introduce her to the family now?

No, Kabiyesi didn’t meet her a long time; it was the oracle who revealed her to Kabiyesi. They never met before. The irumole are still alive and they are doing wonders. You know a lot of things have been happening since they introduced the new Oloori to the world. Lots of people were saying evil things about her. The majority of what they said is not correct. They were just running her down. But to the glory of God, we still marry her. Is that not wonderful and marvelous?

For how long have you known Olori Wuraola?

We only met her not quite long and I will say like a month and I will say she is going to be a good mother and a good wife to the whole Yoruba race.

Image Credit: Ovation International