This Ghanaian couple have become famous overnight after the above photo and the rest of their pre wedding album went viral yesterday on Instagram.

His name is Kojo Prince & she goes by the Instagram handle @Mzznaki.

Cute couple especially the pic of him trying to carry her, but the picture going viral makes me think that people think overweight girls are not deserving of the love of a handsome hunk with a nice body.

If it was a slim chick being carried would peeps be so interested?!

With that said, I have to commend their bravery, putting themselves out there on social media. The images have been reposted on a number of IG blogs and while many have commended her confidence many others have criticized the nurse and student for her weight, with some even being vocal enough to question what he sees in her.

But like she says, “She’s engaged” #GBAM!

Fat or skinny she found love! And we are happy for them both! Her love has won & clearly her man loves her just the way she is!

See more photos after the jump wishes them all the happiness in the world. It’s not easy to find love, when you do hold tight!

Image Credit: One Click Photo