Best selling Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie recently appeared on Channel 4 News to talk about race in America, feminism and the politics of black womens’ hair.

While on the show the Americanah author, said if Michelle Obama had worn her hair in it’s natural state while her husband Barack Obama was running for US president 8 years ago, he would not have won!.

Chimamanda strongly feels that her hair worn in an afro or curly would be signified by the mainstream media as signifying she is angry, neo militant and not mainstream, qualities that are not endearing. She said,

We’ve decided mainstream hair is hair that falls down.

While speaking at a panel in Germany 3 years ago Chimamanda also made reference to the First Lady’s hair and why she doesn’t wear it in her natural state.

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Image Credit: Mark Wilson/Getty Images North America & Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images Europe