Yesterday we were all very stunned when the Instagram account for @tulip_bistro an Abuja cafe owned by one of billionaire Mohammed Indimi‘s daughter made some shocking claims against Mohammed Babangida the son of former military ruler of Nigeria – Ibrahim Babangida.

The @tulip_bistro owner claimed that Mohammed had tried to assassinate his first wife (her sister) Rahama Indimi Babagida.

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She posted the message above with the caption,

I will not be intimidated by you or any member of your family, and yes your Aunty and driver are also in the video. Enough is enough.

Hours later she followed it up with another post addressing why she put him on blast so publicly,


I know a lot of you ask why did I have to bring this out to the public but this has been going on for a while but when it came to me having to take my six week old baby to the hospital at 2 am and I realized I was being pursued by who I thought to be armed robbers and it ended up being his people, I knew I had had enough, so this was the only way to get them to stop. Thank you for the phone calls and dms. All will be well insha Allah


Unbeknownst to many Rahma Indimi & Mohammed Babangida who tied the knot 12 years ago are now divorced, subsequently the former couple who have four kids are now in the middle of a nasty child custody fight!

Back in July news of their divorce became public knowledge when an audio leak, allegedly of Mohammed saying some horrible things about his current wife, Umma, was posted on Rahma’s Instagram page.

The caption of the now deleted post read,

Woke up to this, a recording of Mr Mo saying some nasty things about his current wife? I wonder what he has been saying about me when we were married (not cool muha,not cool?) may Allah protect us all from people like this. Ameen#justsaying.


She later deleted the post, saying someone she confided in posted it without her knowledge. She did however confirm she is now divorced from Mo Babangida,

It is rather unfortunate that people you confide in can just go through your phone and post such an embarrassing audio of you know who. It is no secret that we have been divorced and I did not hide it. He is the father of my children and I do respect him.The leakage of the audio was done in poor taste so people pls stop tagging me. I had nothing to do with it.someone thought it should be out there and I disagree. What goes on in his house is his Business and not mine.My advise is just watch what you say and to whom you say it to. I wish them nothing but happiness. I have done so in the past and I will continue to do so. May Allah help us and guide us. Ameen.


A few days ago before the alleged assassination claim by Rahma’s sister, Linda Ikeji Blog, reported that Mohammed had taken his ex wife Rahma to a Sharia Court in Minna, Niger state for custody of his two older children with her.

According to the report,

A reliable source says Mohammad initiated the custody battle to finally reunite his children together and cut-off every trace of Rahma from their lives. The source said, their eldest kids Maryam and Ibrahim are reportedly in Rahma’s custody, while the two youngest ones are with him in Minna.

Mohammed took the custody battle with his ex wife to a Sharia Court in Minna, Niger state and sources close to the case say they suspect foul play, saying not only was judgement allegedly carried out without Rahma and her representatives being present, but allegations are being made that the Babangidas are manipulating the case, especially since they have notable influence in the state.

The Court has now ordered Rahma to hand over the two children to their father, pending the determination of a substantive suit. An insider claims this shouldn’t be so.

This is some scary, crazy ish…it sounds like a Nollywood script! I pray it is for the sake of all parties involved, especially the innocent kids. Hopefully this can all be resolved soon…amicably…without anyone finding themselves six feet under.