A week ago there was a recall on all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, about 2.5 million worldwide, just two weeks after the top range smartphone was launched.

Reason being that Samsung had confirmed at least 35 instances of the Note 7’s battery exploding or catching fire….literally, while charging.

And now a Florida based man is saying his Samsung Galaxy Note 7 set his SUV ablaze!

Nathan Dornacher left his phone his phone to charge on the center of his Grand Jeep Cherokee’s console while he helped unload a desk he had just bought for his 8-year old daughter.

After unloading the desk and returning to the SUV, he noticed that the Jeep had caught fire. Does car insurance cover phone explosion?

Samsung urges owners of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphones to stop using the devices while they work to formalize how a recall will work. Airline operators are also warning owners not use the phone on planes.