Hey guys!

I’m so so so late with this one! But Episode 3 of my VLOG is out…I can’t believe I am on episode 3…editing is my main challenge but I am getting better at it! I think?

The goal is for my editing to be so bad-ass that my VLOGS are a cinematic experience…that’s the goal sha…one can only try!

Episode 3 of my Vlog is called, “Chained, Shackled, Beaten & Shipped Off To America!

It chronicles my first ever trip to the Badagry Slave Monument!

I live in this country and this is the first time I have been to the slave monument…walahi it pains me to even say it out loud.

I went as part of the Social Prefect Tours, the same tour group I visited Olumo Rock with…another first for me **covers face**. Badagry was quite the emotional, roller coaster experience. I left the trip feeling anger, sadness and empathy. The tour guide made the experience light hearted but I could not shake off the fact because some of our forefathers sold their own people to a life of complete hopelessness and inhumanity, that’s essentially why racism is still so prevalent especially in America.

Hearing what they went through from when they were kidnapped to eventually being shipped off to America (sometimes a 1 year journey for those who did not die) is so dehumanizing and unimaginable.

I empathize with black Americans and understand the anger they feel. I blame the white man but I also blame the black men who sold their people for umbrellas and mirrors.

Watch after the jump and please share your thoughts.



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