When 56 year old super fashionable grandpa Irvin Randle popped up on the scene, I had my suspicions that he might not be #TeamVajayjay and so did many others, but the internet sensation slammed any gay talk when he attended the Essence Music festival saying he isn’t gay and he loves women.

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Now fast forward a few months and a man named Ahmad Booth is exposing him as his “ex”.

The Instagram user posted a bunch of pics with Randle, with the caption,

Birthday week with the ex, but pass is the pass.

He means past is the past….SMH at this grown ass man not knowing how to spell a simple word. #FAIL 

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He even took the classic side chick selfie…you know the one they take when they’re married boo is sleeping cos the man refuses to ever take one with them


Anyway I digress, his exposè of Mr Steal Your Grandma Grandpa has sent social media into a tailspin with many over 40 women who were lusting over him now not knowing what to do with themselves.

3 words for you ladies: RMD!!!

He’s way hotter, all man & strictly for the ladies!

Image Credit: Instagram