Will the real Starboy please stand up!!!

So yesterday The Weeknd revealed that he is dropping his debut album just one year after his wildly successful Beauty Behind the Madness debut album.

The Weeknd who is also known Abel Tesfaye along with the new album has a new look…he cut off his trademark dreadlocks!!! Can I get a HALLELU!!!!!

Those things looked heavy on his head! But we are not here to talk about his new look…we are here to talk about the name of his soon be release sophomore album which he is calling STARBOY.

As Nigerians only one Starboy comes to mind…Wizkid!

Fans of Wizzy Baba upon hearing about Weeknd’s upcoming album immediately took to Twitter to protest the name, calling for Wizkid to sue him or at least get a feature on the album.

But did Wizzy trademark the name?

See the tweets after the jump & most especially Wizkid’s reaction to Weeknd calling his album Starboy.


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And what did Wizkid have to say about his fans calling for Abel’s neck for naming his new album “Star Boy”?

On a serious note if Wizkid did not trademark the name Star Boy…no one can complain about anyone using the name that has become synonymous to him if he did not get a copyright lawyer to do the needful.

Image Credit: Nabil/TCD Photos