helpfund-02 is a crowdfunding website that helps raise funds for genuine causes around us. From the little donations of many, significant sums are raised to meet urgent needs and help genuine causes. If you’ve always wondered how you can give back and help people, even those you might never meet, this is for you.


We love to give but we either don’t have the platform to do so or we don’t feel we have enough. Little drops, they say, make a mighty ocean. From your little token, the hungry can be fed, a life can be saved. That is what is about; to provide a platform for you and I to give our little drops.

Now you can help pay urgent medical bills, help someone pay their school fees or provide school materials for those in need, donate to your favorite NGOs and even donate to your favorite candidates and political parties.

Together we can make a difference in the lives of others.

Reward System for Donors

Some of our campaigns will be accompanied with gift rewards for donors. These rewards will be sponsored by the admin of and anyone else who feels the need to encourage others by offering a reward to a campaign of interest.

Gifts will be sent at random to anyone who has at one point or the other given to a campaign on and also subscribed to give.

Examples of such gifts include; Logo designs, business card designs, website design, hotel stays, free uber rides, free pizza, free ice cream and several others.


We desire to build a community of givers so that we can hastily meet the needs of people around us. We can do this right here in Nigeria, we don’t need to gofundme when we can use; our own solution for our own local problems.

The prayers of those people you may never meet could be what gets you through a difficult time.

Give today.