Yesterday news broke that Mariah Carey‘s billionaire fiancé James Packer broke up with her over claims of the pop star’s extravagant spending and intrusive reality show. The duo were set to get married before the end of this year.

But Mariah is hitting back at those claims through friends who are saying that Mariah confided in them that Packer is “not in his right mind” and hasn’t been “present for her” in a couple of months. They also refer to Packer as “mentally unstable.” Sources close to the couple told TMZ that James did “something really bad” involving Mariah’s assistant in Greece last month, and sent her packing. The source says that he became “violent.”

TMZ also reports that Packer went crazy on a dancer he suspected was making moves on Mariah, the pop diva’s sources say Packer grew jealous of her relationship with Bryan Tanaka (her dancer and choreographer) — and the tension boiled over in June at Mariah’s show, which is when according to reports Packer pulled Bryan into a room for a one on one talk, sources say there was a lot of yelling, but it’s unclear if it got physical.

The sources go on to say Packer (who owns several casinos in Asia and Australia) was so crazed that he used his casino ties to get Tanaka banned from Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, where Mariah performs. Tanaka’s photo was circulated to security at these venues.

James Packer’s rep however says these claims are “simply untrue.”

This is one messy break up….meanwhile Mariah is still legally married to Nick Cannon!