Today Tuesday Nov. 8 is here and the eyes of the world are on the United States as it comes down to Hillary Clinton vs f**k face Donald Trump in the race for the White House.

At this point it is anyone’s race, any sane person would want Clinton to win  but Trump has proven to have a whole lot of supporters in spite of him being completely unqualified for the job as well as being racist, sexist and ignorant.

In that vein legendary comic, Alibaba is encouraging Nigerian/Americans to go out and vote so Trump doesn’t win.

Alibaba who appears to have US citizenship shared a picture of himself casting his vote at a polling booth and wrote this message,

If you are a Nigerian and you have a blue passport, get up and go out there and vote. And make sure it counts. If you fail we will be waiting at The airport, to receive many like you who went to The USA ??… and are waiting to get their blue passports too

Nigerian/Americans be like Alibaba…Vote…And Vote Hilary Clinton. Americans in nigeria can also vote just get in touch with the US embassy to find out where you can cast your vote. Find out more here