Yesterday as reality tv star, Donald Trump was announced winner of the US presidential elections, Nigerians dragged not only TB Joshua for his “false prophecy” but they also included Prof Wole Soyinka in the online dragging, imploring him to destroy his green card.

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You might recall that a week ago, the 80 year old Nobel laureate pledged that if Trump won the presidential elections, he would tear his green card.

An in an exclusive chat with Newsweek yesterday, he said he will not destroy his U.S. residency permit just yet. He said to the publication,

Why don’t we wait until Trump actually takes office? I’m just going about my normal commitments, but definitely not getting into any more commitments. Let’s put it that way for now.

However in a conflicting report which also emerged yesterday on several sites including Punch Nigeria, the playwright allegedly gave an exclusive interview, to The Interview saying he would destroy his green card on inauguration day – Jan 20 in what he seemingly described as WOLEXIT.

When asked, “Will you thrash your green card, as you reportedly said you would?”

He reportedly said,

Come January 20, 2017; watch my WOLEXIT!

In other Wole Soyinka news, he was spotted last night on a flight back to Nigeria…perhaps he has already started his WOLEXIT?