Now that it’s known that even though Hillary Clinton suffered a shocking loss of the US presidential elections, she actually won the popular vote by 1.7 million votes, in spite of Donald Trump winning the electoral college vote.

Popular prophet TB Joshua who had predicted Clinton would win the presidential elections, got dragged through hot coals when the results of the elections revealed Trump as the winner.

He even deleted his Facebook post which made the prophecy.

Well now after being put on blast for his failed prediction and now that it’s been revealed that Hillary won the popular vote, Joshua is now claiming that his prophecy referred to the popular vote.

Lol! This man sha! Just admit you made a mistake and keep it moving! 

After the jump, read and watch what he said at a sermon at his church – The Synagogue Church of All Nations yesterday,

The prophecy by itself was not controversial (Congregation claps). Rather you, we human beings. Tell your neighbour, ‘the prophecy by itself was not controversial at all, rather we human beings’ that is it…. Hmmm… It was not controversial, what is controversial there?

We have seen the outcome of the election of the United States. Having seen and heard, you’ll notice that the prophecy was all about the popular vote. The vote of the majority of the people – Americans.

In this case, we need the spirit of a prophet to understand, to know, and to recognise what the prophet was talking about. You know our levels are different. Do you agree with that? (Congregation says ‘Yes sir’). We are not on the same level, take note of that. Our levels are different and we are not on the same level. (Congregation claps).

Watch below, it starts from the 1.25 mark