With the release of her memoir “On Becoming” last night – Nov. 27 in Lagos, more details are emerging about media personality Toke Makinwa‘s relationship & marriage to Maje Ayida.

Shortly after making shocking revelations a few days ago about how she bleached her skin because of the woman her now ex husband was cheating on her with and how she found out about his son with Anita Solomon, the popular media personality has made another shocking claim, that Ayida gave her an STI!

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Toke revealed she found out about an STI when a few days after getting intimate with her then husband she started itching down there. She then went to her doctor who prescribed medication to treat it. When she confronted Maje he denied everything, but snooping through his phone later she saw a conversation he had with his mistress in which she was also complaining about itching in her privates.

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Wow…this is some truly shocking sh*t!!!