Last week we told you that daughter of the President – Zahra Buhari will be tying the knot with Ahmed Indimi, son of billionaire Mohammed Indimi.

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The couple’s introduction ceremony has already gone down and over the weekend on Nov. 27, Zahra reportedly received customized Louis Vuitton boxes from the Indimi family. The suitcases were customized with her new initials Z.B.I.(Zara Buhari Indimi)

According to insiders, the boxes are called Laife, and in Northern tradition, the groom and his family gift them to the bride to be. The boxes are usually filled with gifts such as diamonds, designer shoes, bags, perfumes, makeup and anything else the bride will like. Depending on his wealth the groom to be can gift his fiancee anything between 1 and 50 of the Laife boxes to show how rich he is.

According to LIB, the LV cases gifted to Zahra were reportedly totalled 30 and cost about £120,000 (that’s N69 Million at the current exchange rate), they were allegedly delivered in 30 exotic cars, 1 exotic car per suitcase.

Yesterday Rahma Indimi, former wife of Mohammed Babangida took to her instagram to welcome 21 year old Zahra to the billionaire Indimi family.

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zahrabuhari2 zahrabuhari1 zahrabuhari

She wrote,

I met this young girl many years ago and I was smitten by her cheekiness. Only years later down the line she is to become ours. My darling Zahra, you are an amazing young lady with so much to give. We have seen and conquered our mission. My prayer is for the two of you to have a beautiful marriage and life with plenty of little ‘rahma’s running around (hint hint? ) we are happy to have you as one of us. Good things are hard to get and the fight was worth it. We can’t wait #zahmed2016


The wedding is said to be taking place in a week or two. The Buhari family is reportedly trying to keep it very quiet.