Last night an unknown Z list extra from reality show Love & Hip-Hop: New York decided to use Nigerians to get some very cheap publicity.

The former stripper called Nya Lee has tried everything to get social media fame including filming herself getting booty shots which she then posted on social media.

Yesterday she messed with the wrong ones when she took to Instagram to let her followers know that she’s not a fan of “dirty Nigerian n*****s.”

She said,

Let me tell you dumb a** Nigerian n******s something. Don’t have my f****n’ name in y’all mouth and y’all community talking about a b***h is going broke or that my n***a’s from Senegal and he’s from f****n’ New Jersey. He’s just a regular Black n****a.

She then added,

I never want to f**k with y’all f****n’ tricky a** Nigerians.

Watch the video after the jump.


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Trust my Naija peeps!

They have been dragging her so bad on her Instagram page that she had to quickly make it private. But that did not stop the dragation (I made that word up), some have dropped videos dragging her by her bald head.

She messed with the wrong people!

Watch some reaction videos below


Photo: Brian Ach/Getty Images North America