Mary J. Blige‘s divorce from stranger husband Martin “Kendu” Isaacs keeps getting uglier by the day!

You may recall that Kendu who was also the singer’s manager is suing Blige for spousal support, asking her to be financially responsible for his parents and his two grown kids with another woman. 

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And the f**kery doesn’t end there…

Now Kendu is holding on to her Grammy! Yep you read that right!

According to TMZ, Mary has filed documents against Isaacs for refusing to return a Grammy, other “achievement awards” (she’s not specific) and a few luxury cars leased under her company’s name.

In addition Mary J. claims that Isaacs, swindled her of $420,000 in supposed business expenses that had nothing to do with her business. 

According to the docs, Martin has 3 cars, including a Range Rover he was supposed to return in February. There are also 2 Mercedes: a C300 and an SL550. Mary wants the C class back, but says he can keep the SL.

She just wants the other cars, her Grammy, her money and for this man to go far away from her!

Gosh some men though! No shame!  

Image Credit: Getty