Yesterday [Dec. 13] Kanye West visited President-elect Donald Trump at his apartment in Manhattan, New York.

As expected there was a whole lot of media on hand to capture the moment when the two emerged in the lobby of the Trump Tower.

According to Trump he and Kanye (who debuted a new blonde look) have been friends for a long time. The latter who just emerged from a couple of weeks in hospital after a psychotic breakdown, said they talked about “life”.

Later he took to Twitter to say they had discussed “multicultural issues,” and a possible ambassadorship position for the rapper. He also made his presidential ambitions known. And with Trump as POTUS, Kanye West winning in 2024 is not a farfetched idea! #EndTimeThings as my Naija people would say!

Of course Twitter had a lot to say about the strange meetup…See some of the reactions below.

Meanwhile Kanye had this to say about his meeting with Trump,

If Donald Trump can become president, so can Kanye…